John G. Tower

Collection Policy for the John G. Tower Library

The John Goodwin Tower Library actively collects in three areas. Because of space and staff limitations, we encourage donations of relatively small collections of no more than several linear feet, although we may consider accepting somewhat larger collections if we deem the contents to be of exceptional relevance or value.

The three areas of collection interest are:

  1. Materials directly related to Senator Tower that the library does not already own. These may include correspondence, documents, photographs, memorabilia, or other items.
  2. Collections related to the rise of the Republican Party in Texas. Senator Tower’s papers already comprise the best resource in the country for the study of the formative years of the Texas Republican Party. We welcome materials from the1940s until 1978, the year Texas saw its first Republican governor in 100 years.
  3. Materials related to the Young Republicans or other Republican associated youth organizations, such as the Young Americans for Freedom. Again, the library is particularly interested in collections that cover the years between the 1940s and the late 1970s and that have a Texas focus.