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Southwestern University creates opportunities for students in all academic disciplines to Think, Create and Connect in order to make meaning and make a difference. Our 26 academic departments offer 40 majors and 36 minors that prepare students for success in any professional field or personal endeavor. 


Kendall Richards

Associate Dean of the Faculty



Kendall Richards

Associate Dean of the Faculty

Physics students explore all forms of mass-energy and their inter-relationshipsPhysics students explore all forms of mass-energy and their inter-relationships

Southwestern professors balance the highest level of scholarship with a serious dedication to teaching and collaboration with students. Professors often work side-by-side with students, conducting research and collaborating on publications. You won’t find giant lecture halls here. With an average class size of 15, our faculty get to know our students, providing guidance and mentorship that extends well beyond the classroom.

Our Curriculum - Innovations Times Three 

Southwestern University has created a breakthrough curriculum that combines the development of intellectual practices, exposure to real-world experience, while enhancing the ability to see across multiple disciplines. All while allowing each student the maximum opportunity to chart their own academic course.

All students at Southwestern follow the same academic guidelines, but we intentionally left room for students to “create their own adventure.” You, along with help from your academic advisor, create the path that best fits your needs.

Part One: Developing a Broad Perspective

Our students are exposed to a variety of different subjects and ideas across multiple disciplines. Students take at least one course in each of the four main areas: 


     Fine Arts

     Social Sciences

     Natural Sciences

Students then “double up” and take another course in two of the above areas.

Part Two: Intellectual Home (Major)

The second part of the SU Academic Experience is reserved for courses in the student’s chosen field. These in-depth courses are taught by our top faculty, made up of innovative leaders and award-winning researchers in their respective fields. 

Part Three: Student Agency Experience

The third portion of the Southwestern curriculum is a true “Student Agency” experience, where students have the opportunity to chart their own academic course. This freedom to choose allows them to explore interests and pursue passions.


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