Southwestern University

About Southwestern

Southwestern University offers a top-ranked integrated arts and science curriculum that incorporates humanities, fine arts, social and natural sciences.

Our faculty consists of innovative leaders and award-winning researchers in their respective fields, each committed to the development of a 21st century thinker. They work collaboratively to provide not only a deep and relevant understanding of your chosen major, but an effective learning environment designed to enhance your ability to see across multiple disciplines, while employing modern intellectual practices. This provides you with a foundation for innovation and continual learning throughout your career and your life.

Your career path will be like no other in history

paideiaResearch predicts that you’ll average eleven different jobs in your lifetime, with several of those representing a complete career change. In fact, you’ll likely be employed in a job that doesn’t yet exist, using technology that doesn’t yet exist, solving problems that don’t yet exist.

At Southwestern University, we’ve created a college experience that prepares you for these new realities. Combining our breakthrough curriculum, consistent intellectual practices and real-world experience, SU will equip you with the skills required to innovate, adapt, create, collaborate and view problems from multiple perspectives. These customized skills represent a valuable piece of a much broader, more relevant education for the tomorrow that awaits you. 

Employers understand the importance of these intellectual skills. You’ll develop the abilities to explore regions of original thought and creative expression that employers desire and the marketplace now demands.

Top graduate schools across the country put a premium on Southwestern graduates. Our students are highly prepared, critical thinkers.  It’s no wonder they are accepted into graduate programs at three times the national average.

We Call it SUnity

Upon graduation you’ll join a select group of SU alumni who have gone on to create groundbreaking work in a variety of fields including science, business, literature, the arts and technology. Our alumni network is strong, with a sense of camaraderie that produces lifelong friendships and a supportive global network.



“Southwestern is one of the few jewels of the Southwest whose mission is to prepare a new generation to contribute to a changing society, and to prosper in their jobs, whatever and wherever in the world they may be.” 


- Loren Pope, Colleges That Change Lives