Southwestern University

Tactical Plan

Southwestern’s 2021-2026 Tactical Plan is an exciting vision for the University’s priorities, offering an unparalleled liberal arts education for our students, embracing and valuing all of our community members, and envisioning an exceptional living and learning environment.

The purpose of the Tactical Plan is to align all current institutional plans while also targeting specific initiatives that we believe are crucial to achieve over the next five years.

The priorities contained within the Tactical Plan are interrelated, central, and strategic, and the Plan identifies the necessary resources for achieving these priorities. The Tactical Plan will help Southwestern to realize its visionary potential as a distinctive liberal arts institution focused on serving students, staff, faculty, alumni, and our ever-widening communities.

(last updated July 2022) 

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    Download the official document (2021-2026 Tactical Plan, July 1, 2021) “A Future Full of Promise.” The announcement of the 2021-2026 Tactical Plan. 

    Progress on the Tactical Plan as of March 1, 2024