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Tactical Plan

The Tactical Planning Task Force was formed to develop the 2021-2026 Tactical Plan for Southwestern. The Task Force examined all areas of the University and reviewed over 200 separate proposals and suggestions made by the campus community over the course of the 2020-2021 academic year. Decisions were made about which critical initiatives were of central importance for the health, growth, quality, and inclusiveness of Southwestern. 

The purpose of the Tactical Plan is to align all current institutional plans while also targeting specific initiatives that are believed to be crucial to achieve over the next 5 years. The timing of this endeavor was deliberate, first to review Southwestern’s progress to date under the Strategic Plan (effective 2016) and other planning documents, and second to chart our path forward as a University. The priorities contained within the Tactical Plan are interrelated, central, and strategic and the Tactical Plan identifies the necessary resources for achieving these priorities. The Tactical Plan will help Southwestern to realize it’s visionary potential as a distinctive liberal arts institution focused on serving students, staff, faculty, alumni, and our ever-widening communities. 

  • 2021-2026 Tactical Plan

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  • A Future Full of Promise

    Southwestern University announces its 2021–2026 Tactical Plan.

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