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Tactical Plan

The purpose of the Tactical Planning Task Force is to produce a 5-year Tactical Plan for Southwestern.  Whereas the existing Strategic Plan articulates Goals and Objectives, but not the pathways for achieving them, the Tactical Plan we produce will articulate a much stronger set of direct and measurable connections between institutional priorities, budgetary constraints, fundraising opportunities, and administrative responsibilities.

This will be an institutional plan that is developed and finalized during this academic year.  The Task Force will spend the fall reviewing existing strategic plans at all levels of the institution as well as gathering input about institutional priorities from everyone involved with Southwestern.  By the spring, we will move to drafting, discussing, and finalizing the Tactical Plan so that it can be affirmed by the faculty and brought forward for approval to the Board of Trustees at its April 2021 meeting. 

What we need from you: we need each member of the Southwestern community to engage with the process to make sure your voice is heard.  Watch for communication from the Task Force throughout the year as we organize events focused on hearing your perspectives.  In addition to the many structured opportunities we will have for you to provide input, please feel free to email your representatives on the Task Force directly or provide us with comments below.

Laura Trombley and Bob Bednar
Co-Chairs, Ad Hoc Tactical Planning Task Force

You can read President Trombley and Professor Bednar’s full letter to the community here .

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    Southwestern University announces its 2021–2026 Tactical Plan.

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