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The Campaign for Southwestern University
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Building a
Better Tomorrow

Fostering a liberal arts community whose values and actions encourage contributions toward the well-being of humanity has been the core purpose of Southwestern University for nearly two centuries.

The founders of Southwestern’s four root institutions understood the importance of higher education in enriching the lives of Texans both culturally and economically and that the development of citizens and future leaders on a new frontier must be rooted in the wisdom of the ages while being nourished with new ideas.

Thanks to the many years of support from alumni and friends, today’s Southwestern students are making impacts at home and abroad that would be unimaginable to our founders.

But we are just getting started.

We are creating a campus experience for the future, inspired by a nearly 200-year commitment to the liberal arts by the first university in Texas. We will build on that rich history as beloved landmarks receive new life and new places are made to live, learn and discover.

Be a part of our evolution.

On our way to
$150 Million
 Million as of June 7, 2024
All gifts and pledges received by June 30, 2025 will be included in Thrive: The Campaign for Southwestern. All estate gifts documented by individuals who will be 60 by June 30, 2025 will also be included in the campaign totals.