Student Accounts

Late Payment Policy


Student Accounts

Student Accounts

Late Payment Fee Policy

Students are expected to meet all financial obligations to the University by designated due dates. It is each student’s responsibility to pay his or her tuition, fees and other charges by these published due dates. Late payment penalties may be assessed when students fail to pay their current charges by the assigned due dates and have not contacted the Business Office about payment arrangements. Failure to pay amounts owed may also result in cancellation of the student’s registration, placement of a “hold” on the student’s account, and being barred from receiving official transcripts and future enrollment.

Prior to enrolling in courses each semester, students must agree to the Payment Terms Agreement through their Self-Service accounts. By consenting to the Payment Terms Agreement the students acknowledge the following:

  • It is the student’s financial responsibility to pay tuition, fees and other charges related to the cost of attendance at Southwestern University, including any adjustments,
  • Account balances not paid by the due date will be assessed late fees and put on hold which will prevent future registration and transcript requests,
  • Delinquent accounts will be sent to collections and additional financial responsibility is assumed for all collection costs and fees assessed as well as any attorney fees incurred, and
  • Student account balances are considered to be an educational loan and therefore are not dischargeable under the United States Bankruptcy Code.
Late Payment Fee

An initial late payment fee of $100 will be charged to unpaid student accounts with no payment arrangements made by the payment deadline each semester. A $100 late fee will also be assessed when a payment plan is cancelled for failure to make two monthly payments.

In addition, students with past due balances may be dropped from all current and future class enrollment for non-payment. Students with past due balances will not be permitted to move into on-campus housing for the upcoming semester. Likewise, students already in on-campus housing who have past due balances will be notified that they will be required to move out and not be permitted to return to housing unless immediate payment arrangements are made.

In calculating the past due balance, confirmed financial aid, established payment plan amounts, verified VA benefits, Texas Tomorrow funds, and other substantiated credits will be considered and deducted from the actual student account balance. Students and families with unique payment circumstances must contact the Business Office to confirm payment arrangements prior to the due date. Late payment fees will be assessed on accounts that have not been paid or do not have sufficient financial aid, other credits, or payment arrangements to cover the total institutional charges owed.

For example:

  • A student registers during pre-registration and is billed in November for Spring term with a due date in December. If the student has filed a FAFSA and has confirmed financial aid, then the amount of confirmed financial aid will be deducted from the total charges owed.
  • A student has been awarded a scholarship from their high school of $1,000 and has properly notified financial aid of this outside scholarship, but the funds have not been received by the university prior to the payment deadline.  The $1,000 outside scholarship would be deducted from the total charges prior to determining if a past due amount exists.
  • A veteran student is eligible for the Yellow Ribbon program and has completed all the required paperwork in the Records office; however, the VA funds have not been received by the university prior to the payment deadline. The estimated amount of VA funds will be deducted from the total charges prior to determining if a past due amount exists.
Pre-Registration Holds

Prior to pre-registration for the next term, if any estimated funds or other credits are still not received as payment on the student account or new charges exist that result in an unpaid balance of $300 or more, the student account will be put on hold and pre-registration will not be allowed until the estimated funds are received or the unpaid balance is paid. While on hold, the student will not be able to obtain a transcript.

Delinquent Accounts & Collection Agencies

After the end of the semester, any remaining delinquent accounts will be referred to outside collection agencies and will be reported to the national credit bureaus. The student is responsible for payment of any and all collection agency charges, attorney fees, and court costs that accrue.