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SU partners with Zipcar for quick and easy transportation.

No car? No problem! Say hello to Zipcar, your convenient and hassle-free transportation solution, right here at Southwestern University. Whether you need a ride to the grocery store, want to explore Georgetown, or are planning a weekend getaway, Zipcar has you covered!

How it Works

Sign Up - Joining Zipcar is quick and easy. Students 18+ with a driver’s license can join. Simply sign up online or through the mobile app, and Zipcar will take of the rest.

Reserve - Once you are a member, just sign in to reserve a car. Choose the date, time, and vehicle that best suits your needs.

Unlock & Go - When picking up your Zipcar, use the mobile app or Zipcard to unlock the vehicle. The keys will be waiting inside. More information on how it works here.

Return - When you’re done, return the car to its designated parking spot on Southwestern Boulevard. Lock up with the mobile app or Zipcard, and that’s it!

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Why Choose Zipcar?

  • With Zipcar on campus, you’re in control of your schedule. No more waiting for buses or coordinating with friends for rides. Simply reserve a Zipcar online or through the user-friendly mobile app, and a car will be waiting for you at its designated parking spot.

  • You pay as you go– no hidden fees. The affordable $13.50/hour and $79.25/daily rates include gas, secondary insurance, and 180 miles daily. You can also buy an annual membership and save $55, making it the easy choice for campus transportation needs. Membership information here.

  • Zipcar parking spots are located on Southwestern Boulevard, making pick-up and drop-off a breeze. No more hunting for parking spots or wasting time with a complicated return process.

  • Zipcar is a sustainable transportation option. Members reduce their CO2 footprint by up to 1600 lbs/year, promoting a greener and cleaner environment on campus.


Zipcar Campus Location


Sign up today and get ready to explore Georgetown and beyond with ease. Zipcar–your key to effortless campus mobility. For more information about Zipcar at Southwestern University, please visit: