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By engaging undergraduates in their research and creative programs, SU faculty provide the mentorship that is crucial for student success and makes the  Southwestern Experience truly memorable.

Whether your research and teaching are in the arts, the humanities, the social sciences, or the natural sciences, we know that mentoring undergraduates is your priority—and having dedicated mentors is crucial to students’ confidence, academic achievement, and persistence to graduation. Engaging students in your publication plans or creative process is just one important way you can extend that mentorship beyond the classroom while enhancing your research and creative works.

Offering undergraduates research experiences can bring fresh perspectives to your scholarship—not to mention much-needed assistance with collecting specimens or data, summarizing or translating archival texts, or organizing conference panels. Faculty-student collaboration also supports Southwestern undergraduates by challenging their thinking, inspiring them to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom, expanding their technical skills, and providing them with a better understanding of what scholarly work entails. 

Southwestern offers a number of undergraduate research programs, which are open to faculty and students in all disciplines: SCOPE , the King Creativity Fund , Faculty–Student Projects , and Research Assistantships . Funding for stipends, housing, travel, and project expenses is available for both faculty and students engaged in collaborative research or creative works; to learn more or to apply, please contact the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.

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  • Undergraduate Research

    Every student at Southwestern University engages in research and creative projects, whether it’s writing a literature review for a final sociology essay or designing a theatrical performance for a capstone course. But undergraduate research goes well beyond the classroom…


    Through SU’s Summer Collaborative Opportunities and Experiences, or SCOPE, students partner with faculty and fellow undergraduates from across the disciplines—including the natural and social sciences, the humanities, and the arts—to engage in scholarly and creative inquiry.

  • King Creativity Fund

    Our annual King Creativity Grants provide Southwestern students with generous financial support for innovative and visionary interdisciplinary projects. T

  • Research & Creative Works Symposium

    One of Southwestern’s most exhilarating events is the annual Research and Creative Works Symposium. This conference celebrates students’ devotion to technological and aesthetic innovation, original research in many fields, and community-engaged learning.

  • Other On-Campus Research Opportunities

    In addition to those who participate in our successful SCOPE program, Southwestern undergraduates regularly engage in faculty-mentored research opportunities on campus through Faculty–Student Projects (FSPs) and the Research Assistantship Program.



    Student Stories

    SCOPE Southwestern

    Undergraduate STEM Research Provides Valuable Experience

    SCOPE summer research projects teach patience, persistence and effective failure


    Southwestern University SCOPE Scholars Launch Ozonesondes on Weather Balloons

    Three Southwestern University students recently learned to launch instruments on weather balloons that measure the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere.

    Justin Broussard, Class of 2017, and Emma Albin, Class of 2017.

    Kinesiology Students Investigate the Underwater Dolphin Kick

    SCOPE students spend summer poolside researching the segmental and joint movements involved in dolphin kicking among various age groups.