Undergraduate Research

Fleming Student Conference Travel Grants

Fleming Grants enable Southwestern undergraduates to enhance their professional development and network with thought leaders in their fields.

Committed to fostering research opportunities for its undergraduates, Southwestern provides funding to students who are attending regional, national, and international conferences. The university distributes $25,000 to $30,000 per year in Fleming Student Travel Grants to students who have been accepted to present posters, papers, and creative works at professional meetings. The Fleming Grant program enables students to travel, discuss and receive professional feedback on their work, engage with others who share their intellectual interests (including leading scholars in their field), and learn from colleagues working on similar research programs or in relevant creative genres.

Applications for Fleming Travel Grants must be submitted by the students’ faculty mentors. Priority consideration is given to applications submitted by the deadline for the relevant semester. If you have any questions regarding the Fleming Student Conference Travel Grant program or would like to apply for funding, please contact the Center for Integrative Learning.

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