Texas United Methodist College Association has facilities the church-related education of thousands of members of our churches dating back to the very first Texas-wide Methodist College date in 1948. In practical terms, it has made education possible for many, including many first-generation college students. 

Your Contribution Goes Straight to Deserving Students

It is important to note that TUMCA funds granted to SMU, Southwestern, Texas Wesleyan, and McMurry are restricted to scholarships to deserving students from United Methodist congregations in Texas. No funds can be used for bricks for bricks and mortar. 

While the TUMCA apportionment is modest for any congregation, the impact of these funds is enormous. Beyond the financial assistance, the recipients of the TUMCA scholarships receive hope, affirmation, encouragement, and the development of leadership and servant ministry skills that will serve the Church as future clergy, lay leaders, teachers and responsible business and community leaders. 

Grateful Recipients

TUMCA students are profoundly grateful for these critical scholarship funds. Among the many letters of appreciative TUMCA scholars is this quote:

“I am the first of my brothers and sisters to go to college. My desire to go to a United Methodist school would not have been realized without my TUMCA scholarship. I love my school! The professor are terrific, and chapel is really cool.” 

Mission Beyond Our Walls

TUMCA is an extension of a congregation’s mission beyond its walls, affirming to our youth that the congregation will partner with them in the next chapter of their education journey. 

It is TUMCA’s abiding hope that this ministry will remain strong, vibrant, and a partner with our church in the creation of new leaders as we strive to make disciplines of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 


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