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Texas United Methodist College Association (TUMCA)

Helping Texas United Methodist Students Attend Texas United Methodist Colleges and Universities.


Jim Lewis

TUMCA President



Jim Lewis

TUMCA President

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For over 70 years, Methodist churches of Texas have been providing scholarships to deserving United Methodist students in our United Methodist colleges and universities in Texas.

Each congregation in Texas United Methodism is called to give a yearly amount for the Texas United Methodist College Association. Paying in full the TUMCA commitment means that deserving United Methodist students receive vital assistance for their academic accomplishments, life-skills training, and faith enrichment. 

TUMCA distributes the apportionment funds to its member colleges and universities by an equitable formula. No funds go to bricks and mortar or to institutional administration.

TUMCA’s mission statement—“Helping Texas United Methodist students attend Texas United Methodist colleges and universities” —reflects our strong commitment to faith-based Christian higher education. Through TUMCA, every United Methodist congregation in Texas has a unique opportunity to make a vital difference in the lives of students from our congregations.

“Thank you” Witness Program

TUMCA scholarship recipients are requested to give a “Thank you” witness in their home churches. Since each United Methodist Church in Texas has an opportunity to support TUMCA apportionment through its Annual Conference Apportionments, the student “Thank you” witness helps a congregation to appreciate the direct results of their TUMCA giving.

Annually students are notified if the United Methodist university in Texas they attend has awarded them a TUMCA scholarship. These students, as well as their home church pastors, are requested to arrange a “Thank you” witness moment in a Sunday morning worship service or at an appropriate congregational gathering.


In addition to TUMCA Spokesperson appearances, Jim Lewis visits with United Methodists in various settings—Annual Conference and district meetings, conference Boards of Higher Education and Campus Ministry, bishops and cabinets of the Annual Conferences, local congregations, and the six colleges and universities.

Jim Lewis assists groups and persons to understand and appreciate the important difference that TUMCA funds make in the educational journeys of our scholarship recipients.

Those wishing to contact Jim Lewis are encouraged to call his office, 512.819.8799.


Jim Lewis

Kathie Ryan Lewis
Stewardship Coordinator


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