Title IX

Support a Friend

Witnessing a friend experience a difficult situation can cause many different emotions. You may be looking for ways to help them, so here are a few suggestions on how to be a supportive person:

  • Listening without judgment can help a person regain a sense of control. Let them guide the conversation and choose when to talk.
  • The fear of not being believed can be debilitating. Demonstrate that you believe what they are experiencing is real, and assist them with accessing resources if that is what they want to do.
  • Encourage your friend to get support, both immediate and long-term. Offer to go alongside your friend, whether they are reporting, seeking medical attention, or responding to a report.
  • Be respectful. Respect the privacy of your friend. If you are not a mandatory reporter, it is not your place to share their story with others, either in conversation or on social media.
  • Do your research. Review the content on the Title IX Office website, or speak privately with the Title IX Office about options to support your friend. The more informed you are, can help a friend who is overwhelmed by their own experience. But remember to be supportive of their own decisions to report or not.