Theatre Scholarship

Southwestern Theatre Majors are eligible for the Sarofim Scholarship in Theatre by auditioning.

Welcome to Southwestern’s Theatre Department! We highly encourage prospective students to audition and/or participate in a portfolio review for the prestigious Sarofim Scholarship in Theatre. Experience the world of theatre at Southwestern and get to know our esteemed faculty during our scholarship auditions. These auditions are conveniently scheduled to align with our admission events and tours, giving you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the Southwestern experience.

It’s important to note that attending auditions is not mandatory to pursue a major in theatre at Southwestern. Once accepted into Southwestern, any student can choose to become a theatre major if they wish to do so.  In addition, any student may audition and participate in productions as a non-major.

Candidates who receive the Sarofim Scholarship will not only be honored with this prestigious award but will also be eligible for additional financial assistance through Southwestern scholarships.

Scholarship Audition Workshop Dates:

Please make sure to review below before you register to audition 

ACTING: Prepare two contrasting monologues or a monologue and a song (16 bars of a song from a musical.) There will be no piano accompanist.  You are allowed to sing acapella or to tracks from your phone.
ALL OTHER AREAS: Please feel free to share your portfolio with us via email or bring a copy on the day of the auditions (not required.)

Register now! October 23, 2023



Please send questions regarding auditions to