Theatre Scholarship

Southwestern Theatre Majors are eligible for the Sarofim Scholarship by auditioning on one of our Audition Workshop days.

Prospective students are encouraged to audition and/or participate in a portfolio review for the Sarofim Scholarship at one of our Audition Workshop days. These workshops offer you an in-depth look into the Theatre Department and introduce you to our faculty. The Audition Workshops are NOT required in order to join the Theatre Department or major in theatre at Southwestern. Once accepted into Southwestern, any student can become a theatre major if they choose to do so. Candidates that receive the Sarofim Scholarship are eligible for additional assistance, including Southwestern scholarships.

Scholarship Audition Workshop Dates:
  • Sunday, November 13, 2022
  • Sunday, March 5, 2023 

November 13 Registration March 5 Registration


Please make sure to review below before you register to audition.

Schedule for the Day:

8:45 am Check in and Continental Breakfast (Fine Arts Center-Jones Theater Lobby. Parents welcome)
9:30 am Acting Workshop (CCF)
11:15 am Tour-Fine Arts Center (parents welcome)
12:00 am Lunch (parents welcome)
1:00 pm Creative Workshop (Design Studio)
2:00 pm Presentation and Q&A Session

ACTING: You do not need to prepare monologies and/or songs. If you sing, please share a
video (16 bars of a song from a musical)
ALL OTHER AREAS: please feel free to share your portfolio with us via email or bring a
copy on the day of the auditions (not required)
In lieu of the traditional audition, participation in the two workshops will be used to
determine your scholarship award.




Please send questions regarding auditions to