Internships will also be available to interested students. They offer students first hand experience with professional arts organizations (theatres, concert halls, galleries, museums) in the greater London area. The internships will be arranged through the Centre for Academic Programmes Abroad in London (CAPA), Southwestern’s on-site program facilitator and supervised jointly by CAPA and an appropriate Southwestern University faculty member.

In addition to full-time work at the internship placement, students may also take one of the three courses offered (whichever course most closely relates to the field of the internship) and are strongly encouraged to participate in all program events, such as theatre performances, concerts, and museum visits. (Tickets for these events are included in the program fee.) Internships require a commitment of six weeks, thus students who choose to participate in an internship will remain in London two weeks after the start of the formal academic program. The successful completion of the internship and related course will yield six semester hours credit.