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Learn more about Texas’ first institution of higher learning.

When was Southwestern founded?

We’re not as old as The Alamo, but Southwestern was the first institution of higher learning in Texas, chartered by the Republic of Texas in 1840. Watch a video of the history of Southwestern’s Root College.

What does the University’s motto, ‘Non quis sed quid’ mean?

Not who, but what. This signifies that it is not who you are or where you come from, but what you do with your education that matters.

How many students attend Southwestern?

Southwestern is an undergraduate institution, enrolling approximately 1,500 students annually.

How many people does Southwestern employ?

Southwestern is one of Georgetown’s largest employers, with nearly 450 members on the faculty and staff. View the list of open job opportunities on our Human Resources webpage.

How large is the Southwestern campus?

Southwestern resides on 701 acres in Georgetown, Texas.

How can my child learn more about attending Southwestern?

By completing this form, Southwestern will send your child materials about the University. Nothing compares to a visit to campus though! The Office of Admission offers a variety of campus visit options. Click here to learn more. 

What academic departments do you have? 

With 36 major options, Southwestern offers a top-ranked integrated arts and sciences curriculum that incorporates the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences. View the list of majors and minors. 

Can I audit a course?

Yes, join us back in the classroom! It is recommended that you apply at least one month prior to that start of the semester you wish to attend. Click here to read information for visiting and auditing students.

What are Southwestern’s colors?

Black and gold – The Southwestern colors were originally canary and black, dating back to 1898. They later changed to black and gold in 1938.

Why is Southwestern’s mascot the Pirate?

The Pirate mascot was first claimed by Southwestern on Nov. 14, 1916, in an article titled, “Pirates Appropriately Christened” in the school newspaper The Megaphone. The article shared that the Southwestern football team had defeated Texas Christian University on Friday, Nov 11. That evening, the football team members enacted, “a piratical raid—stealing the young ladies from the Annex—with their permission—and disturbing the peace loving element of the community by their general hilariousness. It came as a shock and surprise to the unsuspecting students, as we had gathered round the great fire celebrating the victory with song and yell.” And so, the Pirate mascot legacy began at Southwestern University. Before we were the “Pirates,” our Athletic teams were called the “Methodists.” 

What is the story of the yellow Pirate Bike?

The bikes were donated in memory of Walter P. “Wally” Meyer ’86, who died in 2004 following a bicycling accident. His sister, Heidi Meyer Curry, provided funds for the bikes “to keep his memory and spirit alive.” Today, this beloved fleet of bikes has more than tripled in size. Southwestern was the first university in Texas to offer a free bicycle program. The bikes are not to leave campus; when riders finish using a bike, they should leave them on the campus grounds for the next person to use. 

What are some fun facts about Southwestern?

  • In addition to being named Texas’ leading liberal arts college by publications and ranking services, Southwestern is also a “Best Buy” and boasts a nationally ranked Office of Career Services. View Southwestern’s latest rankings.
  • Southwestern held the first Homecoming celebration on record, in April 1909.
  • Southwestern defeated UT-Austin in the first college baseball game played in the state.
  • The nation’s first chapter of Alpha Chi was established at Southwestern in 1922, growing out of a Scholarship Society.
  • Southwestern was the first university in Texas to change to 100% wind energy.

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