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New York Arts Program

The New York Arts Program is designed to provide those students seriously interested in the performing, visual, and communication arts with an opportunity to serve as apprentices and to experience the world of the established professional artist. The cultural resources of New York City are well known. Less familiar is the artist’s milieu—that mix of people, places and events which constitutes the artist’s environment, world, and immediate audience.


Dana Luna

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Dana Luna

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The New York Arts Program

Qualified students accepted into the program spend a semester or term sharing this milieu with professionals representing all professional arts fields: visual artists, designers, museum curators, performing artists, authors, publishers, film makers, people in theatre and communication arts, etc. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who teaches a seminar and works closely with the student and his or her apprenticeship sponsor. Students also participate in a specially designed program of seminars conducted by arts professionals, including Great Lakes College Association (GLCA) staff members, on various topics.

Applicants should plan to visit New York City for an interview to seek an apprenticeship. NY Arts Program student housing, now provided through Education Housing Services, is located in the historic New Yorker Hotel at 481 Eighth Avenue, NYC. The New Yorker is conveniently located in the heart of midtown.

To apply for the New York Arts program, you first need to submit an application to the Office of Intercultural Learning (link above).  Once you have done that, you submit the NYAP program application here

For more information about the program, please contact Dana Luna in the Center for Career & Professional Development, 512-863-1671.