Study Abroad

Pre-Departure Forms

All students studying abroad/away participate in mandatory pre-departure orientation sessions in order to prepare for their program. There are also required forms to complete at this time.

Pre-Departure Orientation

Approved students attend a series of Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation Sessions at Southwestern University to assist students with the logistics of travel, communications abroad, managing money abroad, cultural adjustment, health and safety abroad and more.  Students are informed of the date and time of the mandatory sessions well in advance. Students who have a conflict with a required course, lab or athletics should make arrangements with the Office of Study Abroad and International Student Services.

Study Abroad/Away Forms

Southwestern requires approved study abroad/away students to complete several pre-departure forms. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete all forms for SU. Students will also need to complete a set of forms for the program provider through their portal.

Via Travel

Southwestern requires all students in SU abroad or away programs to register their on-site phone number into the SafeCheck emergency system in Via Travel before departure. Students on faculty-led must share their flight itinerary in their program’s Group Plan in Via Travel. Students on provider programs must create a solo travel plan in Via Travel. They then add their flight itinerary and on-site accommodation details to their solo travel plan.

Complete Study Abroad Forms

Travel Resources

Information on how to apply for a passport, student visa, book a flight and more.


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