For Students

Orientation Leaders

Meet your Virtual Orientation Leaders! They will be providing assistance in planning and facilitating Sprog programs. In addition, Orientation Leaders will serve as a mentor and resource for incoming students. They will help you connect with and navigate SU services to help you be successful.

Eugenia Gabrielle Agobe (she/her/hers)


Hometown: Wimberley, TX
Class of 2023
Majors: History, Political Science, Spanish
Campus involvements: SU Breakaway (Participant in “From Candidates to Court Decisions: Race in America”), Student Foundation Membership Chair, College Democrats Social Media Co-Chair, Campus Vote Project Democracy Fellow with the Office of Community Engaged Learning, History Department Research Assistant, Peacebuilder Intern for the Office of Diversity Education, Equity Chair for the Coalition of Diversity and Social Justice, Staff Writer for the Megaphone
Eugenia’s favorite study space is The Cove for sure—specifically the big booth with a round table in the middle, since there’s lots of space for friends!

Sam Alvarado (she/her/hers)








Hometown: Oakland, CA
Class of 2023
Major: Anthropology
Minors: Spanish, Health Studies
Campus involvements: Admissions Ambassador, Admissions Student Caller, Pre-Physician Assistant Society, HALO (Hispanics and Latinx Organization)
Sam’s favorite SU Traditions is late night breakfast before finals! A nice way to relax and lighten the mood before final exams. Pancakes, karaoke, and laughter with friends!

Erica Burley (she/her/hers)










Hometown: Lubbock, TX
Class of 2022
Major: Psychology
Minor: Health Studies
Campus involvements: Psi Chi Honor Society, Alpha Xi Delta President, Presenter at the Research and Creative Works Symposium for two years, Research with Psychology Professors Dr. Giuliano and Dr. Perilloux, Mosaic Ambassador, Presenter at The University of Texas’ Student Educator Forum
Erica’s favorite SU Tradition is the Candlelight Service!

Caden Cox (he/him/his)

Hometown: Centerville, TX
Class of 2023
Majors: Political Science, Communication Studies
Minors: Business, Theatre
Campus involvements: Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Honor Code Council, Business Club, Student Foundation, Student Philanthropy Council, Student Government Association
Caden’s favorite study space is the FJS (Fondren Jones Science building) Conference Room!

Jeremy Harper (he/him/his)


Hometown: Willis, TX
Class of 2024
Major: History
Campus involvements: Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Student Foundation, SU History Union
Jeremy’s favorite SU Tradition is not stepping on the seal in front of the chapel until you have graduated. He says, “I think it is hilarious to watch as people do their best to avoid it, sometimes having to turn into acrobats just to do so. I myself have been one of those people numerous times! I think it is a super fun tradition, and it is really cool to see how as a collective the community just knows not to step on the seal. It creates a real sense of familiarity!”

Teddy Hoffman (she/her/hers)










Hometown: Round Rock, TX
Class of 2024
Majors: Communication Studies, Business
Minor: Data Science
Campus involvements: Alpha Xi Delta, play viola in the String Ensemble, Community Garden Club, Student Website Intern for Marketing and Communications
Teddy says, “Don’t be afraid to reach out to other first year students! Everyone is in the same boat, being at a new school and in a new place. Meeting fellow students and building close friendships will make you feel so much more comfortable and confident during your transition to SU.”

Hannah Jury (she/her/hers)


Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Class of 2024
Majors: Communication Studies, English
Minor: Political Science
Campus involvements: Chorale, Handbell Choir, Megaphone Student Newspaper, SU Garden Club, Mask and Wig Theater Club
Hannah likes to Ieave Monstrance her produce scraps, like the tops of strawberries. She’s sure Monstrance likes fresh food, and they’ll biodegrade so there won’t be any trash left!

Natasha Ndele (she/her/hers)










Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya
Class of 2024
Major: Biology
Minor: Feminist Studies
Campus involvements: SU Breakaway, Alphi Pi Omega Fraternity, Fundraising Assistant for the Fundraising Office, Game Manager for Athletics
Natasha says “Talk to your professors more! One thing I really love about Southwestern is how friendly and understanding the professors are. I think if there was one thing that I could have done better [my first year] is attend their office hours more, and just talk to them whenever I felt overwhelmed or was slightly behind on some readings.”

Grace Smith (she/her/hers)








Hometown: Garden Ridge, TX
Class of 2024
Major: Art History
Campus involvements: Choir, SU Breakaway
Grace says, “Treat yourself like a toddler: Plenty of sleep, regular meal times, and lots of naps!”

Taylor Williams

Taylor Williams







Hometown: Round Rock, TX
Class of 2023
Major: Political Science
Minor: Philosophy
Campus involvements: Mosaic Ambassador, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Taylor’s favorite study space is on the academic mall! 

Brady Williamson








Hometown: Austin, TX
Class of 2023
Major: Classics
Minor: Mathematics
Campus involvements: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Honor Code Council, SEAK
Brady says, “Go to a meeting for every club!”