For Students

Orientation Leaders

Meet your Virtual Orientation Leaders! They will be providing assistance in planning and facilitating Sprog programs. In addition, Orientation Leaders will serve as a mentor and resource for incoming students. They will help you connect with and navigate SU services to help you be successful.

Mary BeltranMary Beltran (she/her/hers), Junior
Hometown: Carrollton, TX
Major: Political Science
SU involvement: Resident Assistant (RA), Alpha Delta Pi, Mock Trial, History Union
Favorite SU tradition: Late Night Breakfast
“Be open to meeting new people and having new experiences!! It’s all going to be okay (I promise).”


Wren Bridgwater

Wren Bridgwater (she, her, hers), Sophomore
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Majors: Art History & Studio Art
SU involvement: Phonathon, University Orchestra, University Wind Ensemble
Favorite study spot: The Women’s Studies Alcove on the 3rd floor of the Library.
“I’m an out-of-state student and I’d love to connect with other students who are coming from other states!”


Caden Cox

Caden Cox (he, him, his), Sophomore
Hometown: Centerville, TX
Majors: Political Science & Communication Studies
Minor: Business
SU involvement: Kappa Sigma, Student Philanthropy Council, Student Government Association, Student Foundation, Business Club, History Union, Honor Code Council, Admission Ambassador
Monstrance offering: Blueberry Belvita Cracker Snacks (I got a 100 after that!)
“Do not be afraid to try something new and get involved in something that may sound interesting to you, but you have never done.”

 Nila Dhinaker

Nila Dhinaker (she, her, hers, they, them, theirs), Sophomore
Hometowns: India, Arizona, and California
Majors: Instrumental Performance & Psychology
Minor: Spanish
SU involvement: SU Band of Pirates, Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice (CDSJ), Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society, Pirate Hosts
Favorite SU tradition: Laying in the hammocks
“Take some time to explore the school! Go inside every building, go to the garden and woodsy areas in the back, just go exploring. While you’re at it, take a day to go to downtown Georgetown (go antiquing!).”


Ariy Easter

Ariy Easter (she, her, hers), Sophomore
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish
SU involvement: Cheer, Women’s Lacrosse
Favorite study spot: The fishbowl in Mabee Residence Hall
“Don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone. There are people in your corner.”


Anna Franklin

Anna Franklin (she, her, hers), Junior
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Major: Political Science
Minors: Feminist Studies & Race and Ethnicity Studies
SU involvement: Student Government Association, Alpha Delta Pi, YoungLife, United Way volunteer
Fun fact: I took a gap year and lived in Indonesia!
“Go to your professors’ office hours! Even if you don’t have a specific question, go and talk to them. Faculty are such a wonderful resource and want to help you in any way they can.”


Rebecca Frazier

Rebecca Frazier (she, her, hers), Sophomore
Hometown: Caldwell, TX
Exploring Humanities area
SU involvement: Jewish Student Association, College Republicans, Cat Partners, Honor Code Council
Favorite SU tradition: Pirate Bikes! I love that I can pick one up anywhere and that I can take a leisurely ride around campus when I want some fresh air and a break from studying.
“Follow a homework schedule. This really helped me be able to plan ahead and I always knew what was coming up. No matter what your organizational style is, keep a detailed schedule that works for you and follow it all year, that way you will be able to make time for other activities as well.”


Alexis Lemus

Alexis Lemus (she, her, hers), Junior
Hometown: Austin, TX
Major: Music Education - Chorale Emphasis
SU involvement: Resident Assistant (RA), Admission Ambassador, University Chorale, Georgetown ISD classroom volunteer, American Choral Directors Association 
Favorite SU tradition: Candlelight Service
“Do the things you’re genuinely interested in and explore the avenues of opportunity that matter to you. Your time at SU isn’t something you’ll ever get back, so try your best to explore the things that you value.”


Juan Mojica Juan Mojica (he, him, his), Junior
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Race and Ethnicity Studies
SU involvement: Hispanic and Latinx Organization (HALO), Students for Environmental Activism and Knowledge (SEAK), Spring Breakaway, Residence Assistant (RA), Megaphone
Favorite study spot: The Cove
“Accept that plans change. While change can be intimidating and creates a feeling of nervousness or fear, recognize the growth and development that can come from it.”


Coleen Roche Coleen Roche (she, her, hers, they, them, theirs), Sophomore
Hometown: Bedford, TX
Majors: Secondary Education & English
SU involvement: Reproductive Justice Alliance, Kappa Delta Chi, Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice (CDJS), Mosaic Ambassador
Monstrance offering: I poured a cup of tea over him. 
“Don’t hide what you love, embrace it! You’ll find that special friendships are built through sharing your passions with others.”


Jenna Sandefur Jenna Sandefur (she, her, hers), Sophomore
Hometown: Lake Jackson, TX
Major: Biology
Minor: Health Studies
SU involvement: Zeta Tau Alpha, University Orchestra, Active Minds 
Fun fact: I have been skydiving twice.
“Time management is much more important than you think it is. Also don’t let your laundry build up, do it when you have free time.”


Taylor WilliamsTaylor Williams (she, her, hers), Sophomore
Hometown: Round Rock, TX
Majors: Political Science & International Studies
Minor: Philosophy
SU involvement: Mosaic Ambassador
Favorite SU tradition: SING!
“Your grades do not define your worth as a person or a student. Everybody does poorly sometimes and it’s okay to be sad but don’t let it effect your character or your persistence towards a higher education. “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” - Fredrick Douglas”