• Placement exam information
    • Proficiency assessment information: The Emmersion oral assessment test for Spanish 3, Spanish majors and minors, Latin American and Border Studies majors, and International Studies majors: You will be prompted to create an account if you have never taken one of these exams. Use your full southwestern email address as your user name. If you took a placement exam in Spanish, French, German or Chinese as an incoming 1st-year-student, choose the “I already have an account” link below the “Create account” button. If you have technical problems please contact Dr. Ted JobeTechnical requirements: a computer with an internal or external mic for voice input.
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  • On a Macintosh
    [á] =”option” + “e” and “a”
    [é] =”option” + “e” and “e”
    [í] =”option” + “e” and “i”
    [ó] =”option” + “e” and “o”
    [ú] =”option” + “e” and “u”
    [ñ] =”option” + “n” and “n”
    [¡] =”option” + “1”
    [¿] =” shift” + “option” + “?”
    Note:For the vowels and the [ñ], press the option key and the first letter together. Release them both. Then type the second letter.

    On a PC
    [á] = “alt” + “0225”
    [é] = “alt” + “0233”
    [í] = “alt” + “0237”
    [ó] = “alt” + “0243”
    [ú] = “alt” + “0250”
    [ñ] = “alt” + “0241”
    [¡] = “alt” + “0161”
    [¿] = “alt” “0191”
    Note:Hold down the alt key as you type in the numbers. Then release the alt key.