Student Research and Awards

Sociology Conference Presentations

Every year, our sociology majors present at national and/or regional conferences. This is an amazing professional opportunity that is typically supported through Fleming and department funds. These types of experiences set our majors apart from those at other universities and help them in the graduate/law school/job application process.

Southern Sociological Society meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 2018

Esteffany Luna. Am I Still Latino Enough? The Construction of a Latino Identity among Hispanics who do not Speak Spanish.

Mary Jalufka. “White Female Elementary School Teachers and Campus Safety in the Wake of Sandy Hook.

Madeline Yu Carrola. “We’re Not Wasting Coffee Grounds”: How College Students Respond to Peers’ Resource Consumption and Waste Disposal by Social Class. 

Maria Lowe (faculty) and Dakota Cortez. ​Race and Contested Public Spaces in a Liberal Predominantly White Planned Urban Community.

Sophia Galewsky.​ Abortion Provision as High Risk Activism: What Motivates Providers.




American Sociological Association meeting, Montreal, Quebec, August 2017

Deidra McCall. “Racialized Politics and the Confederate Flag: Why Society Can Never Be Colorblind”

  • ASA Honors Program participant