Student Research and Awards

Sociology Capstone & Honors Projects

Each December our sociology seniors present their capstone projects to the university community. Presentations are formal events and are typically held in the Prothro Room in the library. Each presentation lasts approximately 15 minutes and is followed by a brief Question and Answer session.

Fall 2018 sociology capstone presentations

Marta Zuzeviciute: “Can’t I Just be Both?”: Dual Identities in the Context of North African Ethnicities and French Citizenship

Christina Houser: Working at School: A Qualitative Analysis of On-Campus Workers’ Experiences

Veronica Ciotti: “The Classroom is Sacred”: The Perceived Effects of Campus Carry Among Texas Male Faculty Members

Savannah Scott: “Medically Policing Black Female Bodies”: Black Women’s Experiences with Birth Control

Cara Chin: So You Think You Can Swim? What It Really Takes To Swim Division III

Madeline Carrola: “Performing the Handmaid’s Tale: The Use of Dystopian Literature at Political Protests”

Carmen Hernandez: Juggling Two Worlds: Documented Siblings of DACA Recipients

Brielle Read: “Letting the Teachers Speak”: Teachers’ Perspectives on the Special Education Identification Process in Public Texas Elementary Schools

Samantha Pentecost: “Having Girls in the Boy Scouts: Examining the Integration of Hegemonically Masculine Spaces at a Coed Backpacking Camp”