Student Research and Awards

Departmental Awards

Since 1984, the Sociology and Anthropology Department has awarded our most outstanding sociology students with the Frank E. Luksa award. Beginning in 2002, the department has also honored our most outstanding anthropology students with an award. Initially, the anthropology award was also named in honor of Frank E. Luksa. In 2006, the award in anthropology was renamed the Gwen Kennedy Neville award.

Students are chosen on the basis of their GPA and their overall embodiment of the department’s core priorities. These priorities include participating in faculty-student research opportunities, contributing to campus organizations that connect with the department’s focus, partaking in inter-cultural learning experiences, presenting papers at campus-based, regional and national conferences, and working towards social justice.

Gwen Kennedy Neville Award in Anthropology
(Called the Frank E. Luksa Award in Anthropology from 2002-2005)

2022 Paresa Mosavi

2019 Dakota Cortez

2016 Emily Grover, Drew Kotlarczyk, and Caroline Young

2014 Sarah Puffer

2013 Kristi Lenderman

2012 Alexis Kropf and Zoe Martin

2011 Ursula James

2009 Noah Bickford

2008 Rachael Die

2007 Nathan Turner

2006 Robyn Bridges-Castro

2005 Ana Luz Villalobos

2004 Leslie Ellen Narin

2003 Emily Hope Williams

2002 Adam Ornelas Aguirre

Frank E. Luksa Award in Sociology

2023 ThuyMi Phung

2022  Luisa Rivera

2021 Megan Piel

2020 Molly McConnell

2019 Madeline Carrola

2018 Deidra McCall

2017 Sarah Surgeoner

2016 Marta Selby

2015 Jessica Jones

2014 Brianna Billingsley

2013 Anna Fetchick

2012 Kristen McCollum

2011 Kate Roberts

2010 Lauren Hamlett

2009 Nicole Powell

2008 Lauren Anne Cox

2007 Meagan M. Elliott

2006 Alexandra O. Hendley

2005 Ariel Catherine Reynolds

2004 Katherine Marie Kroll; Emily Claire Stewart

2003 Michelle Kristin Belt

2002 Victoria Porcel Edwards

2001 Tricia Colleen Mein

2000 Madeline Louise Pizzo; Rachel Erin Williams

1999 Emily Nicole Berger

1998 Kathleen Carew Rice

1997 Amy Kathleen Smith

1996 Cheryl Ann Wilson 

1995 R. Lynn Costlow; Jonathan Robert Wivagg

1994 Robin J. Neas

1993 Randall G. Cauley; Michael Hammes

1992 Pamela J. Ford; Stephen G. Perz; Joseph R. Sanchez

1991 Leslie L. Armsworth; Craig J. McKinney

1990 Shelly A. Immel; Shannon J. Hart

1989 Kimberly A. Haney; Piper E. Purcell; Jodie M. Steger

1988 Karen J. Johnson

1987 Katherine A. Dunn; Kristi L. Wright

1986 Tammy K. Graham

1984 Patricia Eason