Student Research and Awards

Anthropology Capstone & Honors Projects

Anthropology Capstone Projects and Honors Theses

Spring 2016

Emily Grover, “‘The Community is the Greatest Work of Art’: Texas Art, History, and Identity at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts”

Drew Kotlarczyk, ”‘Learn With It and Lean With It’: Disability, Accommodation, Power, and Identity in Higher Education”

Jen O’Neal, “‘Heart to Help’: Performing Whiteness in Development NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Adriana Romero, “Assumption Sustained: How Race Functions in a Courtroom”

Daniel Ross, “Black Country, White Wilderness: Conservation, Colonialism, and Conflict in Tasmania”

Rhiana Stevens, “A Culture of Perception and  Discrepancy; Women’s Experiences with Violence in Tunisia”

Caroline Young, “Violence and Townships: Slashing Away the Post-Apartheid Rainbow Nation Illusion”