Sociology & Anthropology

Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

March 2022

  • Professor of Sociology Sandi Nenga published a chapter titled “When Six Feet Feels Like Six Miles: Children’s Images of Their Lives during the COVID-19 Pandemic” in the book COVID-19 and Childhood Inequalityedited by Nazneen Kane (Routledge). Students in Nenga’s fall 2020 Childhood & Youth class collected the data for this chapter as part of a community-engaged learning project.

December 2021

November 2021

  • Professor of Anthropology Melissa Johnson  organized and participated in a roundtable session cosponsored by the Society for Cultural Anthropology and the American Ethnology Society titled “Embodying Praxis: Everyday Work Toward a Liberatory Anthropology” at the 2021 American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, on November 20. One of the other roundtable participants was Cristina Alcalde, formerly of Southwestern, who now is vice president for institutional diversity and inclusion and professor of global and intercultural studies at Miami University in Ohio.