Majoring & Minoring


Although it is a diverse field, sociology is united in its acknowledgment that race, gender, and class deeply affect our perceptions and lived experiences. Sociology focuses on inter-group comparisons and recognizes sociological imagination as the foundation of the discipline.


The sociology major is designed to help students critically examine the link between our daily experiences and larger social structures. Though we specialize in social patterns and processes in the United States, we connect these issues to larger transnational phenomena.

Students seeking a major in Sociology will complete the requirements for a BA degree. The major in Sociology is built around a cumulative curriculum with courses at four different levels. 100-level courses are introductory, and serve as prerequisites for most of the courses at the 200-level or above. Courses at the 200-level include courses required of all sociology majors as well as courses which serve a broad audience of majors and non-majors. Courses at the 300 and 400-level are primarily for sociology majors and minors or other students with a particular interest in the discipline. In general, students should take at least two other courses in sociology and anthropology before taking 300 or 400-level courses.

In order to ensure that they gain skills in qualitative research, students are required to take a course which includes a qualitative research component, one of 34-234, 34-264, 34-314. Courses at the 900-level are designed for senior sociology majors, but others may enroll in these courses with the permission of the instructor. Skills are built at each level of the curriculum. Majors considering graduate school or careers in Social Work or Public Health are strongly encouraged to register for an Academic Internship.

Major in Sociology
Eight courses (Majors consist of a minimum of 30 credits.
  • SOC34-114 Social Patterns and Processes or SOC34-124 Social Problems
  • ANT35-104 Introduction to Anthropology
  • SOC34-204 Research Methods (to be taken prior to the senior year)
  • SOC34-214 Sociological Theory (to be taken prior to the senior year)
  • SOC34-964 Senior Research Seminar (Capstone, to be taken in the fall of the senior year)
  • One course from (which must be taken prior to the Capstone course):
    • SOC34-264 Race and Ethnicity
    • SOC34-274 Childhood and Youth
    • SOC34-314 Social Class in the U.S.
    • SOC34-334 Latina/Os & Education in U.S.
    • Two additional courses in Sociology, at least one of which is upper level, and one of which may be an upper-level Anthropology course
Required supporting course in the Sociology major:
  • MAT52-114 Introduction to Statistics
Additional requirement for the Sociology major:
  • Successful completion of a senior oral examination during the last semester of study.

Minor in Sociology

Five courses (Minors consist of a minimum of 18 credits
  • SOC34-114 Social Patterns and Processes or SOC34-124 Social Problems
  • Four additional courses in Sociology, three of which must be above the introductory level