For Current Students


Academic and Summer Internships

A number of academic and summer internships are available in sociology and anthropology. Archaeology field school information is posted on the department bulletin board on the third floor, west side of Mood Hall.

Students have worked in a variety of setting for internships, including adult and juvenile probation, drug rehabilitation centers, the Attorney General’s Office, local centers for battered women, the county Health Department, Planned Parenthood, and AIDS Services of Austin. Students interested in academic internships should contact Maria Kruger, Director of Internships in the Office of Career Services at least one semester prior to the planned internship and should submit a resume and complete all paperwork with the Office of Career Services.

As with Honors Theses and Independent Study, students must complete an Internship form for the Registrar’s Office. This form will identify the faculty member who will serve as the internship supervisor and will specify the academic requirements of the internship. As a general rule, students are expected to spend 120 hours at the internship site for 3 hours of academic internship credit, with academic requirements being in addition to the 120 site hours.