For Current Students

Alpha Kappa Delta

Our department is home of the Texas Alpha Theta chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, the national sociology honorary society.

Students are eligible for induction into the local chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta if they:

  • are a junior or senior
  • have declared a sociology major or minor
  • have completed a minimum of 16 hours of graded sociology credit at SU
  • have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.6
  • and have a minimum grade point average in sociology courses of 3.8. 

Eligible students are invited to membership each January. Dr. Maria Lowe is the faculty sponsor and chapter representative. Dr. Amanda Hernandez and Dr. Adriana Ponce are also AKD members.

Recent student inductees are listed below.


Dr. Amanda Hernandez, Dr. Adriana Ponce, Catherine Angell, Elena Clark, Emily Dimiceli, Carson Maxfield, Brigit Reese, Chelsey Rocha


Camryn Clegg, Katherine Holcomb, Hannah Mitchell, Riley Naugle, Sophia Neumann, ThuyMi Phung, Kamrin Taylor 


Paresa Mosavi, Luisa Rivera and Darby Stowers


Brooke Hughes, Joshua Im, Megan Piel, and Brielle Read


Madison Adams, Molly McConnell, and Samantha Pentecost


Rachel Allen, Madeline Carrola, Veronica Ciotti, Taylor Cravens, and Mariany Gainza Perez

Brenna Conway and Holly O’Hara 

Claire Blyth, Sarah Matthews, Kelly McKeon, Cadie Pullig, Sarah Surgeoner, and Melanie Theriault

Guillermo Alvarado, Jennifer Breaux, Caroline Gaspard, Daryan Green, Jessica Jones, Bethany Lewis, Mitchell Petersen, and Marta Selby