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Details on the SCOPE 2021 Student Applications will be available soon.

Join us for the Information Session
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SCOPE has to offer.

DECEMBER 4 @ 3:00 PM



In this student-faculty collaborative summer research experience for Southwestern students, SCOPE Scholars spend eight weeks conducting full-time research alongside Southwestern faculty mentors.

SCOPE Mission

To foster a culture of research at Southwestern, made possible by student-faculty collaboration; to promote student investigative learning, persistence, self-efficacy, and success; and to create an inclusive and diverse research community. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

SCOPE is dedicated to equal opportunity and creating an inclusive learning environment in all programs at Southwestern. We strongly encourage applications and welcome participants from underrepresented and diverse racial, ethnic, economic, and religious backgrounds.


Southwestern values student engagement with faculty in original research and creative works. Two of our most innovative and successful programs—Faculty-Student Projects (FSP) and SCOPE—support that engagement and fall under the broader category of Faculty-Mentored Research.

The FSP program funds a range of faculty-student projects including but not limited to laboratory research, archival research, research in preparation for honors theses or other significant student projects, and projects in the studio arts, music and theatre. Projects may involve collaborative faculty-student research, faculty supervised undergraduate research, or intensive projects in the arts, music and theatre. The goal is to accommodate different types of faculty-student projects aimed at improving student learning and strengthening faculty teaching and/or scholarship. The program pays faculty and student project expenses during the academic year. For up to eight summer weeks, the program pays faculty and student stipends, student housing, project expenses, travel and other items related to the particular project.

The SCOPE program also involves faculty supervised undergraduate research and intensive collaborative projects in all disciplines from all academic areas. For eight summer weeks, the program pays faculty and student fellowships (stipends), provides student on-campus housing, funds project supplies, and provides a budget for travel.