Financial Aid

Emergency Resources

This is a resource page for all emergency funding applications available through Southwestern. If you have questions, please reach out to the Financial Aid Office.



SU Emergency Fund Application

The SU Emergency Fund assists students in addressing emergency/immediate short-term needs. Funds are not intended to be used to cover a tuition bill at Southwestern. Instead, the SU Emergency fund is intended to help students cover other costs. Example: food, rent, car payment, car repair, etc.

Students who are approved for emergency funding will typically receive assistance in the form of direct payments to a third party (example: SU will make a direct payment to a grocery store for food purchases on behalf of a student).


Student Success Scholarship

23-24 Student Success Scholarship Application 

24-25 Student Success Scholarship Application

The Student Success Scholarship is available for students who may be unable to continue their enrollment at Southwestern due to financial constraints. The scholarship is need-based, and the application also allows the SU Financial Aid Office to conduct an additional review of a student’s financial aid record to determine if there are additional scholarship, grant or loan resources that are available to the student. Scholarship amounts vary depending on the student’s financial circumstances.


Book Scholarship Program

The Book Scholarship assists students with assistance for purchasing books. The scholarships are available on a need-based basis. In order to be eligible for a book scholarship, there must be financial need.

The application asks you to submit documentation to support your request. Examples of documentation include receipt(s) or screenshot(s) of the cost of the book(s) from the retailer’s website. Screenshots must contain the name(s) of the retailer, name of the book(s), and the cost.


Computer Purchase Assistance Program

Southwestern University has need-based financial resources available for students needing assistance with purchasing a computer. Student discounts for Dell and Apple computers can be found on the SU IT Computing and Software website.

If the Computer Purchase Assistance Application is approved, a screenshot and a receipt of the computer purchase are required. 


Food Insecurity Scholarship Program

In partnership with Aramark, Southwestern University has need-based scholarships available for students who are experiencing food insecurity.  This scholarship provides funding to purchase a 12 meal per week plan. Student may submit Food Insecurity Scholarship Application to be considered for this program. 

Pirate Pantry

The Pirate Pantry is available to any student who is experiencing food insecurity.  The pantry is available 24 hours a day.