Safety Office

Safety Policies & Risk Management Plan

Creating opportunities and controlling risk

Health & Safety Policy Documents
  • Download Health and Safety Policy (pdf)
    • It is our policy to actively promote and support the health and safety policy and all safety programs in order to prevent occupational injury, illness and financial loss to our institution.
  • Download Risk Management Plan (pdf)
    • Design, implement and monitor a comprehensive, dynamic, ongoing program to control or eliminate a wide range of campus related occupational health and safety risks.
  • Download Safety Audit Plan
    • A description of the process to help reduce the risk of illness, accidents/injuries and improve participation in safety programs.
    • This process is also used to improve regulatory compliance.
  • Download Safety Program Summary (pdf)
    • A summary of the Safety Program, in flow chart form.
Certificates of Insurance
  • Download Process to obtain a COI on behalf of a 3rd Party.
    • This process is only used to help a 3rd party (vendor, performer, group) secure a certificate of liability insurance when they are not able to provide their own COI. It is used for Southwestern events with 3rd parties or for 3rd party camps/groups renting.
  • Download Request for SU Certificate of Liability Insurance.
    • This is used to produce a Southwestern University certificate of liability insurance when requested by another facility (athletic teams playing at an off-campus facility) or by a lease agent or when SU rents a space from an outside organization.