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At Southwestern University, our sense of community is built on a foundation of shared experience, integrity, and our commitment to hold one another accountable. The bonds forged on our campus are life changing and lifelong.

We are facing an unprecedented challenge to our community: COVID-19. This pandemic is not just a threat to our health; it is a threat to our sense of community. We want everyone—students, faculty, and staff—to be on our beautiful campus for the spring semester. In order to make that a reality, each person must take personal responsibility and promise to follow the University’s guidelines for protecting the health and safety of every member of the Southwestern community. This promise is the Pirate Pledge.

Before returning to campus, I pledge to
  • Monitor my health for any symptoms of COVID-19 for at least 14 days before I am scheduled to return to campus
  • Seek medical advice if I am experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and notify the University’s Counseling and Health Center (for students) or the University’s Office of Human Resources (for faculty and staff)
  • Reduce my exposure to COVID-19 by adopting the following behaviors at least 14 days before I am scheduled to return to campus:
    • Not traveling and limiting nonessential activities
    • Not attending any large event or gathering
    • Maintaining a safe (six-foot) distance between myself and others
    • Wearing an appropriate face covering when around others
    • Washing my hands frequently and thoroughly
    • Avoiding contact with individuals with COVID-19 symptoms
Upon returning to campus, I pledge to
  • Wear an appropriate face covering at all times on campus, except when in a residence-hall room, a one-person office, or while dining, and off campus anytime I am within six feet of anyone other than roommates or housemates
  • Ensure my face covering is worn properly and cleaned frequently
  • Adhere to a six-foot physical distance between myself and other individuals, except in residence-hall rooms and other designated areas
  • Observe all posted guidelines for foot-traffic flow in all buildings
  • Wash my hands frequently and thoroughly
  • Clean any desk surfaces and other shared classroom or laboratory spaces before and after I use them
  • Continue to monitor my health daily, immediately report any COVID-19 symptoms I experience to the University’s Counseling and Health Center (for students) or to the University’s Human Resources office (for faculty and staff), and seek medical advice
  • Follow any health guidance provided by the University’s Health Center staff and the University’s Health and Safety Committee
  • Respect the health conditions and concerns of others
  • Approach others who are not complying with this pledge and request that they modify their behavior
  • Respond with respect if I am approached by others about my compliance
  • Report the noncompliance of these tenets by others in our community by notifying Dean of Students Shelley Story (for students) or Associate Vice President for Human Resources Elma Benavides (for faculty and staff) if directly addressing the issue fails
  • Respond promptly when called on to participate in surveillance testing

If I violate any portion of this pledge, I recognize I am subject to disciplinary action by applicable sections of the appropriate student, faculty, or staff handbooks. I understand that repeated noncompliance may result in removal from campus.

I make the Pirate Pledge to protect myself and other members of the Southwestern University community. In doing so, I commit to doing my part in making the 2020–2021 academic year as healthy and successful as possible.

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