Majoring & Minoring

A Religion major prepares you well for graduate work in a number of liberal arts fields (in addition to religion) and, for those seeking to pursue two majors, it is also an excellent complementary major to the range of those  available at Southwestern. In addition, a Religion major is good for those seeking to pursue an education in the seminary.

Major in Religion: 9 courses  
  • REL19-814 Doing Religion
  • REL19-894 Religion Capstone (to be taken fall of senior year)
  • Three courses from:
    REL19-204 Christian Traditions
    REL19-214 Native American Traditions
    REL19-224 Jewish Traditions
    REL19-244 Islamic Traditions
    REL19-274 Hindu Traditions
    REL19-284 Buddhist Traditions
  • Four courses from:
    REL19-304 Selected Topics
    REL19-324 Women, Goddesses and Religion
    REL19-334 Apocalypse and Dystopia
    REL19-344 Animals and Religion
    REL19-354 Gender and Sexuality in Native America
    REL19-364 Pilgrimage
    REL19-374 Sacred Space and the Environment
    REL19-384 Rastas, Saints and Virgins
    REL19-394 Indigenous Myth and Narrative
    REL19-404 Religion and Animation
    REL 19-414 The Body in Religion
    REL19-714 Topics in Religion
Minor in Religion: 5 courses  
  • REL19-814 Doing Religion
  • Four courses in Religion, two of which must be 300 level or higher

Students may also choose the paired major between Religion and Feminist Studies.