Psi Chi in a Nutshell

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology. Students become members by joining the chapter at the school where they are enrolled. Psi Chi chapters are operated by student officers and faculty advisors. Together they select and induct the members and carry out the goals of the Society. All chapters register their inductees at the national office, where the membership records are preserved for reference purposes. The total number of memberships preserved at the national office during the first 65 years is over 270,000. Many of these members have gone an to distinguished careers in psychology.

Psi Chi’s Purpose

To advance the science of psychology and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology. The aims of Psi Chi are summarized in two Greek words: Psyche, suggesting “mind” or scholarship, symbolizes enrichment of the mind; Cheires, meaning “hands,” symbolizes fellowship and research.

Historical Background 

Founded in 1929, Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychological Society (APS). Psi Chi’s sister honor society is Psi Beta, the national honor society in psychology for community and junior colleges. Psi Chi has over 840 chapters in the United States, with a national office in Chattanooga Tennessee. The national organization holds national and regional conventions annually in conjunction with the psychological associations, as well as holding research award competitions, and certificate recognition programs. Also, the Society publishes a quarterly Psi Chi Newsletter which helps to unite the members as well as to inform and recognize their contributions and accomplishments.