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Students majoring in psychology go on to do a variety of great things after their Southwestern Experience. Take a look at our most recent success stories in our slideshow and stories:


Featured Alumni Stories

The outreach project Wander Like Water was born: the Houstons would produce videos for YouTube and social media in which they would showcase not just their travels but also educate viewers about how each water source they’d visit “has a story, an issue, or a threat.”

Wander Like Water

Southwestern alumni adventurers raise awareness about water and educate the public about sustainability.

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Dr. Anastasia “Staci” M. Benson ’05

Dr. Anastasia “Staci” M. Benson ’05

Distinguished Humanitarian

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Stephanie Braccini Slade ’02, Distinguished Professional

Humanity benefits greatly from her contributions to the well-being of the animal kingdom. The global perspective Stephanie Braccini Slade ’02 has achieved through her work with primates allows her to see—and share with others—that humans aren’t the only part of humanity; that human and animal lives are connected, influencing and relying on one another.

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