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 Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior.  The discipline is multi-faceted and contains a wide range of subfields.


Fay Guarraci

Professor & Chair



Fay Guarraci

Professor & Chair


By providing opportunities to develop advanced skills in oral and written communication, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and quantitative reasoning, students will be prepared for success in graduate school in psychology and related fields, for careers that value these skills, and for futures as lifelong learners who are prepared to adapt to an ever-changing world. 


Featured Alumni Stories

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Stephanie Braccini Slade ’02, Distinguished Professional

Humanity benefits greatly from her contributions to the well-being of the animal kingdom. The global perspective Stephanie Braccini Slade ’02 has achieved through her work with primates allows her to see—and share with others—that humans aren’t the only part of humanity; that human and animal lives are connected, influencing and relying on one another.

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Psychology Testamonial

Outstanding Education and Research Training at SU = Success

As a part of my graduate training, I have provided assessments, consultation, and therapy to children and families across a variety of settings, including schools, clinics, and hospitals.

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Finding Passion in the Work You Do

I immediately felt at home there and discovered a passion for crisis intervention and healthy relationship education.

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Psychology News

Chantal Gonzalez and Devon Lucero, both '19, working in their "Chamber of Secrets."

Southwestern Undergraduates Present and Publish Their Groundbreaking Research

Devon Lucero and Chantal Gonzalez, both ’19, engage with experts at an international neuroscience conference and coauthor publications in animal behavior.

photography by Natalia Mantini

Psychology Professor and SU Alumni Research Perceptions of Sexting

Newsweek and Refinery29 write articles highlighting Dr. Traci Giuliano’s new research.

Guarraci Researches the Effect of Ketamine on Sexual Behavior in Female Rats

Southwestern Professor of Psychology Dr. Fay Guarraci Led Students in Groundbreaking Research Regarding the Effects of Ketamine on Sexual Behavior in Female Rats

This particular project provided a great experience for students to work in a lab setting, conducting research side-by-side with an expert in the field. What an amazing opportunity for undergraduate students.