How to Apply

Managing Acceptance to Medical Schools

Making the final decision of which admission offer to accept will require some intentional reflection. However, keep in mind that there are other individuals waiting to hear from the medical schools about their application status. Therefore, we expect you to be professional and follow these policies and procedures to manage your admission offers. 

Be professional

In order to maintain fairness, both the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) have each developed what is known as “Traffic Rules.” These are a series of policies and procedures that show you how to handle acceptances. 

Please see the links at the end for both the AAMC and AACOM, as they have different traffic rules.

How does it work?

If your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview. After you have interviewed, you will receive a notification with the outcome of your application (i.e., accepted, rejected, wait-listed, placed on an alternate list, or given deferred-action status). If you are accepted, the medical school will ask you to indicate whether you will continue to hold a seat or withdraw. You may be required to make a small deposit.  

TMDSAS: Important Dates 

September 15

Texas Tech University HSC School of Medicine and University of North Texas HSC - Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine notify Early Decision Program applicants regarding their admission action 

 October 15

Medical schools begin extending offers of acceptance to:

  • Non-Texas resident applicants 
  • Special Program (MD/PhD, DO/PhD and MD/MBA) applicants 
  • Assured Acceptance Program applicants  

 October 15- December 31

  • Pre-match offer period for Texas residents 

January 17

  • Submission deadline for match preference rank list. Must be entered online by 5:00 PM CT-See below for guidelines as well as website  

February 3

Match results announced

After February 3 acceptances are offered as openings occur 

April 30

Applicants holding more than one acceptance must choose one and withdraw from all other schools 

May 15

After 5:00pm Texas medical schools will not offer positions to applicants already holding an acceptance from another Texas medical school


Texas Medical Schools

The Match is unique to the participating schools in the State of Texas. 

  • The regular match will be conducted to confirm the offers applicants are holding and to fill the remaining slots for the medical schools.  Individual match results will be posted on the TMDSAS website on February 1, 2020 at 8am (CT).   
    • Applicants must rank all schools where they interviewed except those schools where a pre-match offer was declined.  All schools must be ranked whether or not the applicant is holding a pre-match offer(s).  Match preference ranking must be entered by January 17, 2020. 
    • Applicants holding a pre-match offer(s) who have interviewed at school(s) that did not extend an offer can rank one or more of those schools higher than the pre-match offer school(s) without risk of losing the pre-match offer(s). 
    • An applicant holding a pre-match offer(s) who matches to a higher ranked school will automatically be withdrawn from the pre-match offer school(s).  They will also be withdrawn from all other lower ranked schools from which an offer was not received. The applicant will remain open to be selected by schools ranked higher than the school matched to. 
    • Following the match, the standard rolling admissions will continue through the beginning of orientation at each medical school. 

AAMC: Important Dates 

For AAMC schools, you can hold more than one acceptance, allowing you to continue to interview with other medical schools, and remain on alternate lists or wait-lists until April 30.   

However, if you have decided before April 30 not to attend a medical school or program that has offered you a seat in their school, the professional and right thing to do is for you to promptly withdraw your application from that (those) school(s) or program(s).


  • The AMCAS Choose Your Medical School Tool will open.
  • If you have received one or more acceptance offers, you can now indicate the school you currently plan to attend.
  • You are not required to select a school at this time, but if you select a school, your selection at this point is not binding. You may continue to hold multiple acceptances and/or remain on alternate lists and wait-lists while continuing to interview. 
  • If you indicate Plan to Enroll with a school and you are later accepted at another school that you would prefer, you can change your selection. Medical schools will be able to see the number of applicants selecting their school and other schools, but they will not see your personal information.

April 15

  • On or by April 15, you will be asked to narrow your choices to three schools or fewer and withdraw acceptances from any other schools. You can remain on alternate lists and wait-lists.   

April 30

On or by April 30, you will be asked to choose one school, at which time you will have two choices for that school:

  • Plan to Enroll: If you are not ready to make a final commitment to a single school, you need to list your preferred school at that time as Plan to Enroll. This allows you to stay on alternate lists and wait-lists. This will not prevent you from choosing Commit to Enroll at a later date.
  • Commit to Enroll: This option will become available on April 30. Choose this option for the one school you want to attend only if and/or when you have no other schools pending. When you choose Commit to Enroll for that school, it is a final decision. By selecting this option, you are making a commitment to that school to matriculate and indicating that you have withdrawn your application from any other school where you were accepted or were on an alternate or wait-list. 

It is important that you understand that when you choose Commit to Enroll, it does not notify schools about your decision; you must contact every school personally to withdraw an acceptance or alternate or wait-list offer prior to selecting Commit to Enroll in the Choose Your Medical School Tool.

Medical schools may set their own policies and deadlines and can request that you indicate a Commit to Enroll at their school anytime after April 30. You need to honor school-specific deadlines.

We strongly encourage you to regularly check communication and updates from the AAMC and AMCAS throughout the cycle to have the most updated information.

Dental Schools: Important Dates 

December 1: Dental Schools begin extending offers of acceptance

May 1: Texas dental schools will not offer positions to applicants already holding an acceptance from another Texas dental school

Veterinary School: Important Dates 

February 15: Veterinary School begins  extending offers of acceptance

April 15: Decision must be received

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