How to Apply

Applying to Dental School

For students starting dental school in fall 2021.

If you are planning on starting dental school in fall 2021, you must submit your complete application in summer 2020. 

If you plan on asking the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee for a committee letter, contact Dr. Maria Cuevas to obtain all the required forms. All forms need to be submitted to Dr. Cuevas by February 17, 2020.


November 1


  • Fill out the Review My Application (RMA) form, and submit to the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee by February 17, 2020. It asks you to list and describe the experiences that have been significant to you, answer short essay questions that help you develop your story,  provide names of who will write letters of recommendation for you, and identify schools you may apply to. Make an appointment with the Center for Career & Professional Development  (CCPD) to help you with your personal statement. Start early; everything takes longer than you think. It will take you several weeks to get everything done.
  • Fill out and submit a signed Request to Prepare a Committee Letter of Recommendation form with the names of committee members who have been classroom instructors of yours. Please make sure to indicate on this form when you would be able to meet for an interview with some members of the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee.
  • Submit your professional résumé: state your planned graduation date and the degree you will receive. Please include your full name, including your middle name, in the heading. Make sure it looks professional; if you need help, please make an appointment to see someone at the CCPD. They are experts and are more than happy to help you.
  • Fill out and submit a Request to Access Records form .               
  • Request that your letters of recommendation be sent directly to Dr. Maria Cuevas , chair of the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee, before May 18, 2020. Your personal and professional references should send their letters as Word documents or as PDFs on their official letterhead with their signature included. Letters should be emailed with your name in the subject line. 



  • If you choose to have the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee prepare your letters of evaluation and recommendation, you will be required to have an interview with members of the committee.  The interviews will take approximately 20–30 minutes and will be held March 4, 2020–April 30, 2020.


  • If you are applying to Texas schools, also begin your Texas application (TMDSAS) when it opens around May 1. If you are applying to schools outside Texas, you will need to use the ADEA AADSAS application service. Begin your AADSAS application when it becomes available around May 15  and submissions open June 4. 
  • If you are not asking to receive a committee letter, then enter individual writers’ contact information.
  • If you are asking for a committee letter, use the following information for the AADSAS/TMDSAS: 

Committee Member Names: Maria Cuevas (Primary Name)
Occupation: Professor, Chair of the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee 
Professional Title: Professor of Biology
Organization: Southwestern University
Telephone: 512.863.1683

  • Send your AADSAS/TMDSAS number(s) to Dr. Cuevas in order for us to upload your committee letter. 
  • Have a transcript sent to the AADSAS/TMDSAS with your final spring grades.
  • Take the DAT before the first week of June.


  • Submit your AADSAS application as early as you can so you will be considered in the first cycle.  The AADSAS cycle opens for submission in early June.
  • To have the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee upload your committee letter, after your spring grades have been released, your submitted application has been verified by the application service, and all your letter of recommendations have been received by Dr. Cuevas, email a PDF copy of your verified application(s) to Dr. Cuevas. We will then upload your committee letter to the AADSAS and/or TMDSAS within 10 business days.


  • Complete your secondary applications. 


  • Update your application if appropriate.
  • First acceptances are released in December; acceptances by schools not doing a rolling admission will be released in March and April. By April 1, you should be holding only one seat in a dental school. On April 5, AADSAS will release information to dental schools if you are holding more than one seat; if so, an offer to you could be rescinded. 

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