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Maria Cuevas

Professor of Biology



Maria Cuevas

Professor of Biology

Study Abroad

Interested in studying abroad? Here is a link to study abroad programs that relate to Pre-Health.  These are suggested programs that fit with the student’s major or minor. Students can go on other programs. Thus, this is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all programs that are available. Remember it requires planning. We recommend you visit with your academic advisor as well as any staff member in the Study Abroad office

To access the list of programs click on the link below.


Applying to Medical School: TMDSAS and AMCAS

Texas Health Education Service has created a website that contains policies that have been released by all medical, dental, and veterinary schools that participate in TMDSAS.

MCAT UPDATE: They will provide the next update on their website and Twitter @AAMC_MCAT on Friday, April 17. Please visit the MCAT Coronavirus page  for the most up-to-date information.

Due to COVID-19 medical schools are trying to figure out how to proceed. The schools realize that the undergrad institutions have to make some unique decisions during these unprecedented times. Schools will continue to move forward with a holistic and contextual review of applications. You are encouraged to visit the TMDSAS and AMCAS websites (see the links at the end of this page) for the latest updates. 

The following link offers information about policies changes implemented by medical schools across the United States in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a Google sheet that will update in real time as medical schools continue to make decisions. Please note this document is not all inclusive. Only four Texas medical schools have added information. We strongly urge you to go on to the particular website of each school of interest to find out the most recent information regarding admission requirements for this cycle. 

COVID-19 policies:

 Check for more information under How to apply

 Osteopathic Schools:

AACOM has been creating its own list of Osteopathic medical schools, to help our applicants with these same concerns.  This list can be found here:   

Dental Schools:

 ADEA and the dental schools are committed to informing applicants of updates made throughout this year. Please check our ADEA AADSAS updates page regularly. Also, check the Dental school information under How to Apply tab.

COVID-19 policies:

Veterinary Schools:

Student and Applicant Information COVID-19 Web Page

Please visit the COVID-19 web page  for the latest information for applicants and students. Also, check the Veterinary school information under How to apply

 COVID-19 policies:

PA schools

COVID-19 policies:


If you are committed to both lifelong learning and improving the wellness and lives of others, the pre-health pathway at Southwestern University provides you with personalized advising so that you can prepare to become an innovator and leader in a variety of healthcare fields, from medicine, dentistry, optometry, and veterinary science to pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and physician assistantship. You will receive assistance with organizing your course schedules and completing the specific educational requirements that will impress admissions committees at top professional and graduate programs.

By engaging in pre-health advising, you will receive important notices about financial aid, such as the latest merit-based premedical scholarships; summer undergraduate research experiences sponsored by the National Science Foundation at universities throughout the U.S.; and postbaccalaureate programs and jobs that can improve your admissions prospects for medical and other professional schools. You will receive alerts about registration deadlines for upcoming standardized exams, such as the MCAT or DAT, and suggestions for how to request recommendation letters . You can also benefit from Southwestern’s vast network of alumni relations: recent undergraduates have gained hands-on experience in internships and research assistantships at major institutions, including Houston Methodist and St. David’s hospitals and the University of Texas Health Science Center . Such high-impact experiences are valued by graduate and professional programs; SU’s acceptance rates are significantly higher than the national average. But they also provide you with an opportunity to discover whether a career in clinical or nonclinical healthcare is right for you during your undergraduate years.

Although the majority of our pre-health students have majored within the natural sciences, health-related professional school programs are looking for bright, highly motivated students who care about people, not simply for individuals with specific majors. So we encourage you to major in fields of study that challenge you and inspire your curiosity while you complete your prerequisite courses. Whether you pursue majors in art history, business, or a STEM field, embarking on the pre-health pathway will help you become a competitive applicant for professional schools and graduate with a well-rounded, meaningful education.

Director of General Chemistry Labs Willis Weigand and SU undergraduates Luis Ramirez ’21 and Valerie Acosta ’22 spent their summer discovering new ways to reduce the side effects and enhance the potency of compounds containing nitrogen and sulfur that are used as anti-cancer and anti-bacterial medications.



Pre-Health News

Nyaberi (fourth from left) was selected to engage in a premedical fellowship at Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra.

Becoming a Better Thinker through Science

Esther Nyaberi ’21 finds joy in researching apple snails, environmental DNA, and microplastics.

Sydney Seavey ’20

A Musician’s Approach to Medicine

Chemistry major and cellist Sydney Seavey ’20 shares how she has found harmony in music and the path toward medical school.

Students pictured: Justin McCormack ’20, Ana Sanchez de Tagle Cardenas ’22, Madison Delmer ’19, and Megan Melo ’21.

Southwestern Students Complete Summer Internships at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Ana Sanchez ’22, Justin McCormack ’20, Megan Melo ’21, and Madison Delmer ’21 reflect on their hands-on internships in the operating room and in the research lab.