University Police Department

Southwestern University seeks to maintain a safe and secure environment in which to work and study. The Southwestern University Police Department (SUPD) strives to accomplish this goal through proactive and conventional law enforcement techniques. Any unsafe conditions observed should be reported immediately to the police.

The Department employs full-time officers who are recognized as peace officers under Article 2.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and may make arrests for crimes defined in either state or local ordinances. SUPD officers are armed and in uniform, to be highly visible for the campus community and to act as a deterrent against crime. Each police officer receives continual in-service training. The Department also employs part-time officers on an as needed basis.

Southwestern University is concerned about personal safety on campus and employs security measures to provide protection to members of the community. The SUPD provides crime prevention information, public information, and safety information to the University community. Officers are available to present programs on topics such as substance abuse, sexual assault, crime prevention, hazing, workplace violence, and other safety related topics. Officers will present programs on any law enforcement topic with advance notice. The University Police Department has a close working relationship with the Georgetown Police Department and Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. As a result, the University is kept informed of criminal activities occurring off campus and Homeland Security notices.

The SUPD maintains patrol operations seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Calls for emergency police assistance have priority over general calls. Officers patrol University property and adjacent areas during all shifts. Officers actively enforce all state laws, including state traffic and DWI laws, as well as University rules and regulations.

Officers issue three types of citations for traffic offenses:

  • Warning citations, which simply remind the driver to practice safe driving.
  • University citations, which require an appearance at the Southwestern University Business Office to pay fine(s) levied for offense(s).
  • State citations, which require an appearance in the Justice of the Peace Court.

Copies of parking and traffic regulations are available at the SUPD.

Posted 09/01/2015