Library & IT

Hybrid Work IT Policy

August 2023

I. Introduction

Southwestern University recognizes the value and importance of hybrid work
arrangements for its employees. However, it is also essential to ensure the security and
confidentiality of the University’s data and assets while maintaining the productivity of
hybrid workers. This policy outlines the requirements, responsibilities, and guidelines for
hybrid work arrangements in terms of technology, security, and equipment.

II. Technology, Security, and Support

To be eligible for hybrid work arrangements, participating staff members must maintain
high-speed internet with Wi-Fi connectivity of at minimum 25 Mbps at their expense.
Hybrid work must be done on a Southwestern University issued computer not personal
devices. The University will provide hybrid staff members with a university phone number
through RingCentral, which works with existing computers or mobile devices.

All hybrid work computer hardware and software must comply with all Southwestern
University’s IT guidelines and protocols, including virus protection software, licensing
provisions, system security, and passwords. Staff members working at alternate work
locations must adhere to university specified security procedures to ensure the
confidentiality and security of data. Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections can only be
investigated and troubleshot from the campus connectivity side. IT cannot troubleshoot
home connectivity issues past a best-effort approach. The space used for the hybrid work
arrangement must ensure confidentiality is maintained.

The University will provide alternate work site equipment and materials needed by
employees to effectively perform their duties. This usually will consist of a laptop computer,
with appropriately licensed software, and a software client to be used as a university phone.
Monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, and other peripheral devices will not be provided. Staff
members can utilize on-campus office printers for any printing needs and requirements.
Other office equipment will be available on campus but not for remote offices. Exceptions
will require the approval of the Division’s senior leader. Additionally, printers, copiers,
scanners, shredders, whiteboards, and other peripheral equipment will be located on-site.
Hybrid employees who wish to have these items at their alternate work site will need to
purchase them with their own resources unless a special situation is approved by their
supervisor or department.

The hybrid staff member agrees to provide a secure location for University-owned
equipment and will not use, or allow others to use, such equipment for purposes other than Southwestern University business. Hybrid workers are expected to bring the University-
issued computer to campus when working on campus. The University’s software licenses are limited to official work use. Therefore, University-provided software must not be utilized for personal use.

All equipment, records, and materials provided by the University will remain Southwestern
University property. The hybrid staff member agrees to return the University equipment,
records, and materials upon request. The University is responsible for maintaining,
repairing, and replacing University-owned equipment issued to hybrid staff members. All
University equipment will be returned to the campus by the staff member for inventory,
inspection, repair, replacement, or repossession as needed.

In the event of a University-owned equipment malfunction, the hybrid staff member must
notify Information Technology immediately. Please call the TechDeck and IT will reach back
out to you to troubleshoot. If needed, the staff member will find alternative means to
continue work until repairs are completed. If IT support or repair is required that cannot be
serviced remotely via the phone or through remote desktop, the staff member must come to
campus for service. IT will not provide off-campus in person support at the employee’s
residence. The hybrid staff member is responsible for maintaining and repairing their
personally owned equipment.

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