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Computer, Network, Library Accounts

Information Services is responsible for managing employee and student access to applications, servers, network, telecommunication and library resources to include but not limited to e-mail, voicemail, Colleague and Web Advisor, Helios, Moodle, mySouthwestern, information databases, TexShare and other managed IT and library systems. The account management goal is to maintain a secure environment while granting employees and students access to the resources that they need and to terminate access when the need no longer exists.

User account and resource creation regardless of the specific account or resource is governed by an individual’s “status” as recorded within the Ellucian Colleague system. (“Status” includes such categories as active student, alumnus, active employee, inactive student, former employee, etc.)

Each employee and student is assigned a unique Southwestern electronic ID. This SUeID and associated credentials and passwords are provided in order to provide positive identification for your access of computers, networks, data and information resources. You are responsible for all computing activities that occur using your credentials. All passwords and PINs are the property of the University and are non-transferrable.


If you believe your password or PIN has been compromised in any way, you must change it immediately.

Employees (Faculty, Staff) Leaving the University

STAFF: Effective July 1, 2014, all Southwestern network accounts, email accounts, Ellucian Colleague, Slate, library and Helios accounts, and voicemail boxes of employees leaving the University will be disabled and/or removed from the system the next business day following the last date the employee is actively working on campus. This date may be earlier than the last payroll date; Human Resources enters a non-active date for each departing employee that is definitive for account access.

The direct supervisor of an employee leaving Southwestern is responsible for insuring that all files related to University business have been transferred to their direct supervisor prior to the departing employee’s last date of working on the campus. In the case of involuntary termination, the supervisor may request that Human Resources authorize access to the employee’s computer files for two weeks before the files are deleted. That access must be coordinated with Information Technology.

Under no circumstances should a direct supervisor or anyone else at Southwestern ever request that the departing employee provide their username and password.

An “out-of-office” message may be placed on the email account of departing employees directing senders to contact an alternate Southwestern employee or office for university business. This message will be active for six weeks. After six weeks, the departed employee’s files and email will be deleted from University systems.

FACULTY: Retiring faculty will be allowed to keep their accounts for access to email and the library. All other account access will be disabled on the next business day after retirement is effective.

Visiting Faculty: Email accounts (and any other Southwestern University accounts) will be closed one month after the termination date.

If a terminated or retired individual has installed any software licensed to Southwestern University on his/her personally-owned home computer or other technology devices, the individual must adhere to the terms of the software licensing agreement. Software vendors such as Microsoft require that the software be removed if the individual is no longer an employee of the college.

STUDENT WORKERS: The supervisor of the student worker is responsible for notifying the Information Services InfoDesk within 24 hours if a student terminates his/her employment before the semester ends. Upon receipt of the notification, the student’s Colleague account will be locked and the permissions will be removed. At the end of each semester, the accounts for all students who will not resume employment in the upcoming term will be locked and the permissions will be removed.

Students Leaving or Graduating From Southwestern

When students graduate or are no longer officially enrolled for at least 1 credit hour, their University email and other accounts will be disabled. Graduating students retain their Southwestern eID and are assigned an email account that they may use for their lifetime. The email and files accounts that students use throughout their time on the SU campus is closed on July 1, following their graduation.

This policy may be revised at any time.

Approved: Information Technology Advisory Committee: March 2014; President’s staff: March 2014

Posted 05/27/2016