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Computer Allocation

Each employee of Southwestern University whose job duties necessitate the use of a computer will be allocated a machine or provided access to one for work purposes. Classrooms will be equipped with an instructor’s computer until laptop use is widespread. Several computer labs will have machines that can be used for scheduled classes and as open labs during non-class hours. Computers purchased through any institutional fund including external grants, startup funds, Provost’s funds, endowed chair funds, special awards, etc., are owned by the University and are subject to the policy outlined below. 


The University will provide a computer to each faculty member and each staff member who requires one for their work. Faculty are strongly encouraged to have a laptop as their primary computer. Staff who request a laptop will need approval from their supervisor. Desktop and laptop computers will be capable of running all supported applications, including word processors, spreadsheets, databases, electronic mail systems, Internet browsers, Library catalogue access, etc. The exact configuration of primary computers will change as technology evolves. Each machine will be prepared with a local image of licensed applications.  Laptop computers will include a separate monitor and keyboard. Maintenance and repairs will be provided at no cost to employees. Replacement will occur on a four-five year cycle, as the University’s budget permits. 


The University will provide a limited number of computer labs that can be used for instruction and an instructor’s workstation in most instructional classrooms.  Replacement will occur on a four-five year cycle, as the University’s budget permits. At some point, instructor workstations will be replaced by the use of faculty laptops. 


The University will not guarantee the availability or replacement of computers used for purposes other than those two categories listed above. Departments and employees may obtain secondary computing equipment through special funds. This equipment must be purchased through Information Services and is the property of the University. These systems will be serviced and maintained, but will not be replaced. 


The University provides a limited number of laptop computers that are available for checkout from the SLC InfoDesk by faculty, staff and students. 


Computers that are allocated to individual faculty and staff members cannot be re-deployed without prior Information Services approval. Computers purchased through any funds and that are replaced must be returned to the Information Services allocation pool for re-distribution. Departmental student workers will be provided with reallocated machines as they become available. 


Faculty may request to purchase an iPad to support teaching or scholarship. Any iPad purchased by faculty using either their individual restricted funds or as a direct cost on externally funded grants are owned by the University. The iPads or tablets must be purchased through Information Services. The ability to project iPad displays using campus projectors is dependent on the application used and available adapters and cannot be assured in all cases. It is highly recommended that any intended use of iPads with projectors be tested in advance with the appropriate hardware. The University will not reimburse data service charges unless access to a cellular network is required due to a lack of wireless connectivity. Such access to the cellular network should be of a very limited duration, usually no more than one week.

Posted 09/01/2015