Finance and Administration

Requisitions for Equipment, Supplies, and Services

By resolution of the Board of Trustees, only the President and designated University officers may make financial commitments of behalf of the University. Faculty members are expressly prohibited from making financial commitments on behalf of the University without the prior approval of the President, the Dean of the Faculty, or the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Needs for equipment, supplies and services to support departmental operations may be filled via the use of a University Purchase Requisition. Purchase Requisition Forms are available from the Business Office. Each request for the procurement of equipment, supplies, or services must be approved in accordance with the Authority to Expend form for that department and must be consistent with the previously established departmental budget. Purchase Requisitions should be completed in adequate detail in order to permit the appropriate procurement to occur. Ample lead-time should be allowed for the completion of services or for the delivery of equipment and/or supplies. Needs for equipment, supplies, and services not foreseen in the departmental budget should be discussed with the Dean of the Faculty and the Vice President for Finance and Administration. All technology-related purchases require the approval of the Senior Director of Information Technology.

Purchase orders requesting the use of University funds for the production of publications and advertisements must be approved in the Office of Publications within the Office of University Relations. The Office of Publications will not approve requisitions without thorough review of materials to be produced.

Some office supplies are available from the Bookstore and may be procured through use of a form available from the Bookstore. The cost of office supplies procured through the Bookstore are charged back to the user department.

Limited Risograph duplicating materials and services are available through the faculty secretary in the Olin Building, room 219. As with the office supplies, the cost of Risograph materials and services are charged back to the user department.