Notable Faculty & Student Achievements

April 2021

  • Business and biology major Andrew Vergote ’21 gave a talk titled “Novel Bioinks: The Gateway to Bioprinting Complex Biological Tissues” at the 2021 BBB South Central Virtual Regional Convention. The talk resulted from research that Vergote completed with Assistant Professor of Physics Cody Crosby in spring 2021. They plan to continue this research as a funded Faculty–Student Project this summer.

  • Assistant Professor of Physics Cody Crosby presented “Phototunable Interpenetrating Polymer Network Hydrogels Stimulate iPSC-EP Vasculogenesis” during two Rapid-Fire Sessions, which feature 10-minute talks, at the Rock Stars of Regenerative Engineering Conference and the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials, which were held virtually April 19–23, 2021.

  • Physics and mathematics major Gerardo Gonzalez ’22 gave a talk at the 2021 spring meeting of the American Physical Society (Texas Section) titled “Transition Probabilities for a Relativistic One-Electron Atom.” Most of the research presented during this talk resulted from a 2019 SCOPE project that Gonzalez completed with Professor of Physics Steven Alexander. They are currently working on a paper that will describe their calculations.

January 2021