Student Resources for Writing

Resources for Grammar and Mechanics

If you have questions about an instructor’s comments, or you just want to check your usage, you might try a few of these sources.

 Grammar & Style

Grammarly and GrammarCheck are both resources to help you check and correct grammar, diction, tone and style.  

Grammar Girl’s website is easy to use, and has a search bar that allows you to find helpful guides quickly.

Our worksheet “Avoiding Awkward” identifies some common punctuation and usage errors.

This amazing list of common errors in English compiled by Washington State University’s Paul Brians can help with “word choice” comments.

Also, please see our Student Resources for Writing page for a bunch of fun and interactive grammar quizzes and games!


Purdue OWL has a helpful series of worksheets on common punctuation errors.

SUNY’s Empire State College also provides worksheets explaining punctuation rules and common errors.

The UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center has an entire list of handouts on “Citation, Style, and Sentence-Level Concerns.”