Academic Success


The Planning for Academic Success, or PASS, Seminar has been designed to provide students on academic probation with one-to-one and small group support to help students build their academic skills base, maintain academic focus and gain confidence while learning to overcome specific academic difficulties.

Seminars are designed to provide students with knowledge and resources as well as to immediately put into practice new tips, techniques and systems to become academically successful. During bi-weekly individual academic counseling sessions we will track the students’ progress, strategize for optimum academic performance and receive support as students work on specific areas of difficulty.


Attendance is required for seven, 75-minute seminars as well as for seven bi-weekly, one-on-one counseling sessions with a staff member from CAS (Center for Academic Success). One-on-one session time will be set and agreed upon with a CAS member in the first week or two of the semester.