Academic Success


The BUCS (Building up Classroom Success) Program was designed in conjunction with the Athletic department to assist First-Year student-athletes in their pursuit of academic success.

What do I do as a part of the BUCS program?

Student-athletes involved in the program are required to set-up an initial meeting within the first week of class and provide syllabi for all courses at that time. These syllabi will be referred to throughout the semester as part of the meeting process.

How do I know how my classes are going?

Grade checks will be sent to each student-athletes faculty at roughly the 4-5 week period of the semester and again at the 7-8 week period of the semester. This information will then be shared with the student and used to determine current grade, as well as to get a snapshot of the overall grades for the semester, to help with determinations such as dropping or seeking tutorials or to focus on other areas of test preparation and studying.

What will we cover during our meetings?

Topics to be covered during individual meetings with consist of (but not limited to):

  • Time Management
  • Procrastination, Study Skills, Goal Setting
  • Campus Resources
  • Test taking
  • Mid-semester grade checks/ Reality check/ Grade projections
  • Registration/ Advising
  • Stress/ Anxiety Management
  • Finals Preparation / End of semester plans