Academic Success

Special Programs

Information on our Special Programs will be updated shortly!

  • Planning for Academic Success at Southwestern (PASS) is a program that has been designed to provide students on academic probation or warning with one-on-one support to help them build their academic skills, maintain academic focus, and gain confidence while learning to overcome specific academic difficulties.

    During bi-weekly individual academic counseling sessions, we track the students’ progress, strategize for optimum academic performance, and provide support as students work on specific areas of difficulty. The meetings are designed to provide students with knowledge and resources, as well as to immediately put into practice new tips, techniques, and systems to become academically successful.

    Participation in the PASS Program is mandatory for students on Probation, Continued Probation, and Academic Warning. Students receive a letter from the Registrar notifying them of their academic standing at the conclusion of the semester. The Director of the Center for Academic Success contacts the student during the first week of class notifying them of the requirement to meet within the first two weeks of the semester. During the initial meeting, the student is made aware of the academic requirements needed to avoid dismissal and subsequent follow-up meetings are scheduled.

  • BUCS (Building Up Classroom Success)

    Student athletes who are selected to be in BUCS are required to meet every other week with a Peer Academic Mentor. In these meetings they will work to achieve their academic goals and maintain their eligibility through academic skill building (time management, study skills, test taking skills, etc…). This is a program built and designed through a collaboration with the Office of Admission, the Center for Academic Success, and the Athletic Department.

    First Year Athlete Workshop Series

    This is a monthly workshop series open to all first year student athletes. The workshops take place throughout the first semester. The workshops focus on building student’s academic success tool kit and help them with juggling being a full-time student and athlete at SU. Topics include, time management, study skills, test taking skills, advising and registration, maintaining academic integrity, self-care, and other important information.

  • TBA.

  • The goal of Captain’s Academy is to create a First Generation community at Southwestern University through academic and social opportunities. First Generation at Southwestern University is defined as a student in which neither parent has received a 4-year degree (Bachelor’s degree). Members will gain access to academic sessions designed to help improve academic skills, create awareness of campus functionings and resources, and create a forum for sharing experiences and supporting one another. Social events will be held once a month to help build connections and foster relationships with other first-generation students. Members will also meet student mentors and faculty and staff who support first-generation college students and are there to help navigate life at SU.

  • Transfer student support begins on day one of your Southwestern journey. From the first interaction with the application to the reception of your diploma at graduation. Here at Southwestern, we have a dedicated Transfer Support Team to help make your transition to SU as smooth as possible, while supporting you academically and socially throughout your time here as a student. We specialize in credit evaluation, early degree planning, advising and registration, housing, and creating events and social opportunities tailored to your unique experience. We are here to support you through your journey to Southwestern and beyond.