Academic Success

Policies and Procedures

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  • A course may be added or dropped after the specified deadline only if the student has an emergency or extenuating circumstances. To add or drop a course after the deadline, the student needs to submit a petition to the Academic Standard Committee. Instructions on how to complete and submit a petition can be obtained through the Center for Academic Success (Prothro 120).

  • If you are considering a Leave of Absence, Withdrawal from the University or Not Returning, please make an appointment to speak with a Center for Academic Success staff member.

    Leave of Absence

    Students in good standing may apply for a student leave of absence by meeting with a staff member in the Center for Academic Success, no later than one week prior to the beginning of the semester for which the leave is to begin. A leave of absence may be granted for up to one academic year for a program of work, study, or travel that will contribute significantly to a student’s personal development (or program of study at Southwestern University). In addition, a leave may be granted for personal reasons including, but not limited to, medical, financial, or health. An application for readmission will not be required of students to return from leave of absence.


    A student in good standing may withdraw from the University during a semester by completing a request for withdrawal with a staff member in the Center for Academic Success and Registrar. Except under unusual circumstances, students may not withdraw from the University after the last day for dropping courses. Withdrawal forms may be obtained by making an appointment with an Academic Success and Registrar staff member.

    Not Return

    Not Return A student planning to leave the university, whether it be to transfer or circumstance, they will need to make an appointment with the Center for Academic Success to complete the necessary paperwork to make their departure from Southwestern University official.