LatinXcel provides targeted assistance to Hispanic and Latinx students at ALL stages of their college experience, from freshmen to seniors. Collaborating with campus resources, the program delivers personalized academic and professional guidance through weekly seminars and workshops, facilitates access to internship and mentorship opportunities, and orchestrates socials and community-building events that cultivate a strong connection with Hispanic and Latin American cultures.


Year 1

For first-year and transfer students, LatinXcel focuses on a smooth transition into college life at Southwestern University. The program offers pre-college support, access to mentorship opportunities, and academic support to help students adapt to the demands of university-level education. Workshops on time management, study skills, and goal setting lay a strong foundation for their academic journey.


Year 2

During the sophomore year, LatinXcel assists students in exploring their academic and career interests. The program provides personalized academic coaching, career exploration workshops, and guidance on securing work internships or research opportunities to help students gain practical experience and refine their career goals. Additionally, the program provides support on seeking and securing external funding opportunities.


Year 3

As juniors progress in their college journey, LatinXcel offers resources to support their academic and professional development. The program will continue to provide targeted support for securing internships, research opportunities, and scholarships. Workshops on resume building, interview skills, and graduate school preparation equip students with the tools to successfully transition into their desired career paths or pursue advanced degrees.


Year 4

For seniors, LatinXcel focuses on preparing students for a successful transition into the professional world or graduate school. The program offers career coaching, assistance with graduate school and job market application processes, as well as alumni networking events to help seniors secure post-graduation opportunities. Additionally, students at all stages will receive support in completing projects, developing portfolios, and refining their professional skills to stand out in their chosen fields.